Our physical bodies are an integral part of this life experience. The quality of our life is greatly determined by the state of our body and health. Therefore it is wise to take care of our body by providing it with the most support and least stress.

A healthytarian knows that next to one’s mind (thoughts/emotions), nutrition is the next most important thing with which we can support the optimal health and function of our body and mind. Therefore, a healthytarian aims to nourish their body with the most supportive foods and lifestyle habits.

Healthytarian nourishment is based on the science of holistic (wholistic) nutrition, where the quality and impact of the whole food is given precedence, rather than its isolated parts (i.e. counting calories or nutrients). It is also governed by blending the wisdom of nature with the highest degree of spiritual evolution. It works with the understanding that food is one of the best tools we have for healing and prevention when used properly.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.


Healthytarian Smart Eating Means:

  • Natural: Food is consumed in its most natural form.

  • Wholesome: Food is consumed in the most whole, and least processed form.

  • Nutrient-dense: Food is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, as well as based on healthy carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The body’s resources are not wasted on empty calorie foods.

  • Plant-based: Food consumed is solely from plants, which provide the richest sources of nutrients, and life energy. Plant foods take into consideration compassionate and sustainable choices.

  • Organic: Food that is grown as naturally as possible, without the use of added pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals is consumed as much as possible.

  • Raw: Living food is consumed as much as possible. This means food that comes in its most natural form and has not been subjected to high heat (such as frying, grilling, or baking) is the richest and healthiest, not only in nutrients but also in life energy (Chi). These foods are energizing, rather than energy-depleting like processed foods.

  • Local: Food consumed is eaten from local sources as much as possible. Local foods are the freshest being picked at their peak ripeness, least tampered with to maintain long shelf life, and most sustainable choices avoiding long-distance transport while supporting the local economy.

  • Acid-Alkaline Balanced: Foods consumed break down to produce products of digestion that are either acidic or alkaline. For optimal health, an acid-alkaline balance must be maintained. To do this 60-80% of the daily food should be alkaline-forming, while 20-40% should be acid-forming.

  • Non-GMO: Food consumed is in its most natural state from all aspects, including its genetic make-up.

  • Rich in Variety: Food is eaten from a wide variety of natural, plant-foods daily (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, sea vegetables, sprouts, and fungi), or as much as possible.

  • Smaller in Portions: Food amounts consumed are done with mindfulness to not overfill and stress the digestive system, making our bodies sluggish, or leading them away from their optimal weight.

  • Easy: No counting of calories, nutrients, or food groups is needed when food is consumed according to the above characteristics.

  • Delicious: Foods are eaten in their natural, fresh, living forms on their own or mixed together in creative ways to bring out the richest and most delicious flavor combinations!

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The Healthytarian Body Includes:

Physical Activity

A healthytarian knows that their body was meant to move, and thus enjoys a wide variety of regular physical activity, taking advantage the most of natural movement and time spent enjoying the outdoors.


A healthytarian has a healthy relationship with the sun, respecting the sun’s vital role in maintaining life on Earth and the health of living beings. Unfortunately during the last, roughly, 50 years, we have been conditioned to fear the sun and block our body from having any contact with it using toxic chemical products. A healthytarian does not fear or avoid the sun but rather prioritizes regular and safe sun exposure.


A healthytarian knows that high-quality water is the optimal fluid of choice, on which their body depends on daily for proper health and function. A healthytarian prioritizes drinking clean, freshwater in ample amounts daily.

Fresh Air

A healthytarian recognizes the importance of fresh air and incorporates healthy lifestyle habits to maximize this exposure. Regular time spent outdoors, regular airing out of the home, fresh air breaks at work, and avoiding the use of fragranced, or other chemical products are some examples of healthy fresh air habits practiced for optimal health and wellbeing.


A healthytarian respects the body’s natural circadian rhythm and need for quality sleep, in order for the body and its systems to heal, rest and regenerate each night as needed. A healthytarian makes both the appropriate quantity and quality of sleep a priority in their life.

Personal Care

A healthytarian supports its body with appropriate personal care and grooming. They understand that the human body has natural balancing mechanisms to support optimal health, which are often disrupted through the use of modern, synthetic, chemical personal care products. A healthytarian uses minimal personal care products as needed, and aims to use the most natural products available.