Healthytarian was founded by Evita Ochel in the midst of her own journey of nourishing her mind, body, and spirit for optimal health and wellness.

A Journey Begins

Being attracted to the fields of health, science, and nature from a young age, Evita pursued a science degree in biology, that focused on the anatomy and biochemistry of the human body, as well as the psychology of the mind and ecology of nature. Continuing her studies and love for teaching, she became a high school science teacher and maintained that role for 7 fulfilling years.

During her years of teaching, Evita’s interests in, and passion for health, specifically the role of nutrition in health continued to grow and she engaged in regular research. A defining moment occurred in February 2007 after getting routine blood work done and learning that she had elevated cholesterol levels. This was a completely shocking and unexpected diagnosis given she was of an ideal weight and practicing what she knew then to be healthy habits, such as eating in accordance with mainstream guidelines combined with moderate activity levels.

Engaging in extensive new research, in addition to what she knew to that point, Evita began examining in detail what we are told to eat and why, and what effects this really has on the human body. The world of nutrition began to unravel in ways that she could have not imagined, and completely new realizations began to surface as she learned how the current mainstream systems in modern-day society operate. Outdated information is mixed with corporate greed, where profit takes the priority over people’s health. Within a year of using nutrition alone (mainly reducing animal products, specifically dairy drastically), she achieved optimally healthy cholesterol levels that she maintains to this day.

At around the same time, Evita’s journey was voraciously unraveling on a spiritual level. After a personal spiritual awakening, her research expanded beyond just nutrition, health, and science to include quantum physics, metaphysics, the power of the mind, conscious life creation, heart-centered living, and more.

Healthytarian is Born

As of October 2007, Evita’s nutritional choices reflected the vegetarian lifestyle, and as of January 2009 the vegan lifestyle. However, as her journey continued to expand through research and personal evolution, it was starting to become very evident that neither one of those labels accurately described her lifestyle choices.

During the summer of 2008, while reflecting on their personal journey in learning how to properly nourish the mind, body, and spirit, Evita and her husband were playing around with terms of how to express a holistically aligned lifestyle properly, which they and many others in the world were choosing to lead. No word or term to do so properly seemed to exist. Due to her passion for the health of the mind, body, and spirit, the term healthytarian was born.

In June 2009, Evita resigned from her high school teaching career to pursue writing, speaking, and teaching on a different kind of level, in the global classroom. She was deeply committed to the idea of helping others live in a state of joy, inner peace, and optimal health, while consciously embracing the health of the mind, body, and spirit, and she envisioned writing a book about the healthytarian lifestyle. However, being someone who is deeply connected to living life from the wisdom of her inner being, in divine flow and timing, the time for healthytarian to fully blossom had not yet come. Her personal journey thus continued to unravel, as she continued to collect research, data and expand her consciousness to be of most value in helping others live with optimal health of the mind, body, and spirit.

Over the next few years, lots of ideas came through and creative expression expanded the vision of what healthytarian living is all about. As our human family continued to awaken and experience a shift in consciousness, it was becoming more evident than ever that a new way of living was practiced by many. A way of living and thinking that is outside of the limiting, controlling, and fear-based systems put into place in our society to date. In January 2012, official work began on the site and it was launched in March 2012. Her vision was not only to create a platform for a community of like-minded people but also offer valuable resources and help to those who are interested in making healthy living, specifically eating, easy, practical, and fun.

Today, Evita continues to write about matters of the mind and spirit on – an online publication that features content for consciousness expansion and heart-centered living; and matters of the body on – an online publication dedicated to holistic, natural and green living for optimal health. In October 2011, she published her first book, entitled Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition, which gives a simple, but complete foundation of how to eat, what to eat, and why for optimal health. To learn more about Evita’s personal and professional journey, please visit