The brain, the mind, consciousness, and the cognitive processes have been topics of great interest for humanity in an effort to understand itself and the nature of our reality for millennia. Today, our modern world and the expanding potential of human consciousness are ushering in a fertile period for the understanding of the immense power of the mind via our thoughts and emotions. We are starting to utilize the potential of the creative force that these elements hold for us when coupled with consciousness, in how they create what we call our reality.

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

Through our thoughts, coupled with our emotions, we create both, the problems and the solutions. We create what we want and do not want; the pleasure and the pain. It is not until we grasp the origin of our thoughts and observe them consciously, rather than letting them reign unconsciously that we start to turn things around for our personal lives and our collective reality. Old and limiting thoughts are shed, and newly inspired, fresh, conscious thoughts are birthed. Through this process, we begin to empower ourselves and understand the depths of our creative force. We become co-creators of our lives, health, and the state of our work.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.


Healthytarian Fresh Thinking Means:

  • Moving out of ignorance, and into wisdom.

  • Releasing stale, outdated, or limiting thought patterns! What we knew in the different fields of psychology, nutrition, astronomy, or any field of science even only a few years ago has been consistently evolving, let alone what we knew decades ago. Holding on tightly to old thought patterns only hurts us in the long run.

  • Challenging old beliefs. Whether it is about the self, others, society, products, practices, or any part of life on planet Earth and beyond, Healthytarians engage in active introspection for personal growth and empowerment.

  • Staying fluid and flexible to new ideas and thought paradigms.

  • Questioning…everything!

  • Being accountable for one’s own decisions and choices. It is up to us to research, learn, and grow in awareness about anything we buy, eat, participate in, support, etc.

  • Non-attachment to any specific belief, thought, or paradigm. We are dynamic beings who are constantly changing and evolving. Attachment to, and self-identification through some thought, belief, person, practice, or other is a major source of human suffering.

  • Being more accepting of, rather than resistant to, new ways of thinking and living.

  • Consciously examining one’s thought patterns.

  • Releasing negative thought patterns.

  • Seeking, rather than settling.

  • Acknowledging the power of our thoughts on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

The Healthytarian Mind Promotes:

Gathering New Information

A healthytarian enjoys nourishing their mind with new information, through things like reading and watching valuable programming, researching, or taking courses and paying attention to their external environment. A healthytarian has no interest in subjecting themselves to external sources that are rooted in negativity, fear, or drama.

Expansion of the Self

A healthytarian enjoys regular activities and lifestyle habits that promote and support the expansion and evolution of their mind. Personal growth and development habits are valued as they add diversity and richness to the human experience, propelling us forward in our personal evolution.

Intuitive Discernment

A healthytarian is a critical thinker, analyzing information presented to them at any given time from different perspectives and consulting the wisdom of their inner being. Each of us has an internal guidance system that we can train to become our trusted source of inner wisdom. By combining discernment with intuition, we empower our being.


Healthytarians take accountability for all of their thoughts, words, and actions, releasing the duality states of victims and villains. This empowers a conscious approach as to what we allow to enter our mind and life, as well as what words we share with the self, others, and how we choose to act.