Healthytarians place great emphasis on mindful living via their thoughts, words, and actions. They recognize the connection between a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and a healthy human race and world. As long as we continue to choose the unconscious path of thought, word, and action, we forsake true happiness, freedom, and inner peace, subjecting ourselves to unnecessary suffering along the way.

A healthytarian infuses consciousness into each of their daily activities and approaches life with a sense of heightened awareness. And just as they prioritize supporting the optimal health of their body and mind, they also prioritize supporting their spirit via regular consciousness-expanding and stillness promoting practices, like meditation.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Victor Frankl

Healthytarian Mindful Living Means:

  • Being aware of our thoughts, words, and actions as much as possible at any given time, and how those may impact us, our health, others, and living species.

  • Living with present moment awareness as much as possible at any given time.

  • Honoring our spiritual nature.

  • Investing in quality relationships.

  • Investing in spiritually enriching practices, like meditation.

  • Being aware of our impact on other life forms.

  • Taking into consideration the impact of our daily actions on our environment and planet.

  • Being aware of what we choose and support as entertainment.

  • Choosing compassion, over competition.

  • Choosing unity and oneness, over separation and division.

  • Respecting our body’s natural healing ability and working with it, rather than against it through harmful physical or chemical means.

  • Living in reverence as one of Earth’s species.

  • Living in harmony with all life.

  • Being the change we wish to see.

The Healthytarian Spirit Emphasizes:

A Heart-Centered Approach

A healthytarian aims to live from the heart, letting it be the guiding system for their thoughts, words, and actions. When we live from the heart compassion, kindness and love come naturally for the self, others, and all of the living beings and non-living elements that we share this planet with.

Expansion of Conscious Awareness

A healthytarian embraces the expansion of their personal conscious awareness with excitement knowing the transformative power this has on the quality of their life. The benefits reaped included increased acceptance, understanding, inner-peace, empowerment, open-mindedness, and capacity to love.

Harmony with Self

A healthytarian knows that to fully love and respect any other, one must first love and respect themselves. To live with joy, peace, and love, we need to cultivate these within ourselves. Therefore, being mindful of cultivating harmony within the self through loving self-talk, thoughts, and action, is the first step to being of service to others.

Harmony with Others

A healthytarian recognizes the value of healthy relationships, connecting with others, and living based on a community-oriented foundation. Others reflect to us our various facets, helping us learn about ourselves, and in turn, we help them learn about themselves. Together we become more effective co-creators of our collective reality.

Harmony with Nature

A healthytarian has a deep respect for nature, understanding that there is no life without her. By being mindful of our everyday choices and actions, we can cultivate a harmonious relationship where we support nature’s balance between all of the resources and species that we share this planet with.


Healthytarians choose to have an attitude of gratitude, knowing that through gratitude we birth abundant appreciation for ourselves, our life, and all aspects of life on this planet. In turn, we cultivate a positive state of being that creates for us optimal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.