This video presentation features a full class with Evita Ochel that explains the health considerations of using oils and how to make whole food, plant-based meals with no oils of any kind.

Class topics and timestamps:

Introduction (0:00)

  • About the teacher
  • About the class
  • What healthy plant-based eating means: plant-based vs. vegan (2:15)

Part 1: Why Oils Are a Problem (6:43)

  • How to reduce health risks associated with oil use (16:52)
  • Why heating oils is a problem (21:10)

Part 2: How to Cook Without OilsHealthy plant-based cooking methods without oils (27:50)

  • Safest cookware options (37:00)
  • Healthy plant-based meals without oils (42:55)

Further Resources (51:05)

Comments, Questions & Feedback

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