On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel shares an introductory tutorial about raw foods, which are one important part of the Healthytarian dietary foundation.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction (0:06)
  • What are raw foods (1:34)
  • Benefits of Raw Foods (4:27)
    • nutritional
    • digestive
    • energetic
    • for healing and prevention of various conditions
  1. How to understand sprouts

  2. Enzymes and digestion in the stomach

  3. Stomach acid, enzymes and digestion

  4. Eat Your Food Uncooked by Dr. Mercola

  5. Raw vs. Cooked Food by Dr. Axe

  6. High Temperature Cooking by World’s Healthiest Foods

  7. Heat Effects on Vegetable and Fruit Crops

  8. The Science of raw fresh produce vs. cooked food

  9. Understanding raw food and human nutrition

  10. The World’s Healthiest Cooking

  11. Study: Effect of Heating on Vitamin C in Vegetables

  12. The dangers of over-cooking your food

  13. Change in quality of life and immune markers after raw vegan stay

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