On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel shares a 5-step template for optimally healthy, quick, easy and delicious whole-meal salads.

Video chapters by topic:

  • Introduction (0:08)
  • Whole-meal salad benefits (1:23)
    Learn the nutrition and health properties of whole-meal salads and what makes them such outstanding meal choices.
  • Whole-meal salad template (4:19)
    Learn the 5 step template for making a whole-meal salad: Step 1 (4:23) / Step 2 (5:20) / Step 3 (6:58) / Step 4 (8:04) / Step 5 (9:04)
  • Whole-meal salad example (13:17)
    Apply what you learned and experience the making of a whole-meal salad.

Additional Resources

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  3. Evita’s Whole-Food, Plant-Based Eating course.
  4. Evita’s How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy course.
  5. The olive oil myth article.

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