On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel provides a guide for working with quinoa: knowing how to eat it and why.

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Video topics:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Description of Quinoa (0:48)
  • Nutrition & Health Benefits of Quinoa (2:13)
  • Buying & Storing Quinoa (6:25)
  • Preparation & Cooking of Quinoa (8:43)
  • Meals & Recipes with Quinoa (13:03)
  • Products & Forms of Quinoa (16:24)
  • Summary (17:11)
  1. Quinoa Nutrition Study

  2. Quinoa Fatty Acid Nutrition Study

  3. Quinoa on World’s Healthiest Foods

  4. Quinoa on Self’s Nutrition Data

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