On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel shares a tutorial for understanding cacao and chocolate.


NOTE: most of the images featured in the video have recipes that can be found on these sites in the recipes/meals sections:

  1. EvolvingWellness.com

  2. Healthytarian.com

Video tutorial chapters:

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Cacao Basics (1:42)
  • Raw Cacao Nutrition (2:56)
  • Raw Cacao Health Benefits (5:27)
  • Problems with Common Chocolate (7:58)
  • What Cacao to Buy (11:48)
  • How to Use Raw Cacao (12:36)
  • Making Homemade Chocolate (14:58)


  1. Is there much caffeine in chocolate?
  2. Theobromine vs. Caffeine
  3. Caffeine in chocolate
  4. Cacao info
  5. Cacao powder
  6. How cacao is processed
  7. Cacao vs. Cocoa
  8. Nutrient loss in processed chocolate


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