In this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel features special guest Carrie Hensley to explain the multifaceted nature of yoga, its benefits and how to begin a personal practice.

Carrie is a certified yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She has been the Health & wellness business and marketing consultant for the former Deputy Secretary of State and offers her expertise to various community projects. She is also a writer, presenter and regularly leads workshops, retreats and yoga teacher training certification programs. You can learn more about Carrie’s work on her site

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. What is yoga? (1:50)

  2. The role yoga has played in Carrie’s life. (2:35)

  3. How yoga integrates with mindfulness and meditation. (4:30)

  4. An exploration of some of the benefits of yoga.
    a) on a physical level (7:30)
    b) on a mental/emotional level (8:50)
    c) on a spiritual level (11:00 )

  5. Examples of some of the most common myths or misconceptions about yoga. (13:40)

  6. How yoga can help us deal with daily challenges whether they be personal, like self-image, or societal, like resistance to change. (15:30)

  7. An explanation of the different types of yoga. (19:40)
    a) Ashtanga (19:53)
    b) Anusara & Iyengar (20:20)
    c) Hatha (20:48)
    d) Forrest Yoga) (21:25)

  8. A summary of what a person needs to begin a yoga practice. (21:48)

  9. A recommendation for how often a person should practice yoga to experience some of the benefits that go along with it. (23:18)

  10. Carrie shares some tips for integrating yoga into our daily routine and having a successful practice. (25:08)

  11. An explanation about teacher training programs. (27:00)

  12. Closing comments and information about Carrie’s work, and teacher training. (29:48)

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