On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel features special guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens to talk about optimal vegan nutrition based on organic and raw, living foods.

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Topics covered in the video include:

  1. What is the ideal diet for humans? (2:08)

    • understanding different constitution needs
    • understanding different life stage needs
    • understanding ideal protein needs
    • connection to children and ADHD
    • optimal live (raw) food range
  2. Why eating vegan is so important and ideal for optimal human health. (7:38)

    • health benefits
    • spiritual benefits
    • ecological benefits
    • social justice benefits
    • ethical benefits
  3. Why eating raw, living foods is so important and ideal for optimal human health. (15:44)

    • how nutrients change, including bio-availability when they undergo heat processing
    • spiritual benefits
    • biophoton benefits
  4. Why eating organic is so important and ideal for optimal human health. (21:27)

    • organic, veganic farming benefits
    • nutritional benefits
    • mental and behavioral benefits
  5. Can parents raise children on the organic and live vegan foundation right from birth? (26:10)

    • how live, vegan foods impact kids
  6. How to know our own genetic constitution for personal nutrition needs. (29:03)

  7. How organic and live vegan foods can help to prevent and heal chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes type 2, cancer or heart disease. (30:57)

  8. How to approach vitamin B12 requirements. (35:10)

    • for vegans and non-vegans
    • other vitamin and mineral considerations
  9. How to approach omega-3 fatty acid requirements? (38:30)

    • best practices
  10. Important healthy lifestyle habits, besides diet, that Dr. Cousens recommends. (40:09)

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