On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel features Dr. Joel Kahn to talk about what it takes to prevent, halt and reverse heart disease.

Dr. Joel Kahn is is known as America’s Holistic Heart Doc and is a clinical professor, cardiologist and founder of the The Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity. He is also the author of two books: The Whole Heart Solution: Halt Heart Disease Now with the Best Alternative and Traditional Medicine and Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonues: The Ultimate Guide to Survive Your Career With A Healthy Heart.

Topics covered in the show include:

  1. Dr. Kahn’s journey into medicine and cardiology. (1:28)

    • how his plant-based eating and holistic approach came about
  2. An overview of heart disease and inflammation. (4:11)

    • process of hardening of the arteries
  3. An overview of cholesterol and inflammation. (7:11)

    • risk factors for inflammation
    • how to understand cholesterol (9:27)
  4. Exploring part 1 of “The WholeHeart Solution” book; over 75% of heart attacks, strokes and other heart disease problems are preventable, and drugs and surgery are not the answer. (13:05)

    • 6 lifestyle requirements to reduce the risk of heart attacks by 85%
  5. What the ideal diet is to prevent, halt or reverse heart disease.(18:07)

  6. The role of the mind-body connection in heart disease and how to combat the negative effects of stress and emotions. (21:42)

  7. What role genetics play in heart disease. (25:36)

  8. How to address omega-3 for heart disease prevention and healing. (28:23)

  9. Dr. Kahn’s final tips for prevention and reversal of heart disease. (31:13)

  10. Summary of Dr. Kahn’s books. (34:05)

  11. Dr. Joel Kahn’s contact. (35:42)

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