Healthytarian Living presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest expert Cathy Margolin, acupuncturist, herbalist, doctor of Oriental medicine, founder of Pacific Herbs and author.

The topics covered aim to expand women’s awareness and understanding of hormonal imbalances, how to find relief from menstrual cycle upsets and have freedom from the pill.

Specific topics covered in order are as follows:

  • Cathy shares about her new book “Stop Your Bitching…Naturally!”, why it was written, who it can help and how (1:40)
  • How toxic our everyday environments are and the role that plays in throwing off our hormones (2:30)
  • How do the menstrual cycle hormones work (4:15)
  • Estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency (5:30)
  • How birth control pills work to stop ovulation (6:10)
  • Why is it harmful to use the birth control pill, short term and long term for fertility (7:30)
  • How menstrual cycles and symptoms are tied to genetics (10:20)
  • How menstrual cramps should not be dismissed as a natural part of the menstrual cycle (11:30)
  • How is diet related to the menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance (13:40)
  • How cold drinks and an imbalance of cold foods impacts the menstrual cycle (14:50)
  • The role of herb supplements to balance menstrual cycles naturally (16:50)
  • How to help manage menopause symptoms naturally (20:30)
  • How to pick and where to get high quality supplements or herbs (22:15)
  • Cathy shares valuable everyday tips for women to heal or maintain a healthy hormonal balance (24:50)
  • Cathy shares about the valuable “Companion Guide” to the book that offers over 30 tips to incorporate into our lives (26:25)

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