In this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel speaks with special guest David Kennet.

David is a Registered Holistic Allergist, as well as a Holistic Nutritionist, Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Biofeedback Technician, and Reiki Master. He also has training in Healing Body Massage and Sound Therapy.

Video Content

  1. An explanation of what allergies are, and what connection they have to our immune system. (2:15)

  2. Possible causes and links to increased and large amounts of allergies in the population today. (3:20)

    • how EMF technology is linked to allergies
    • environmental connections
    • how stress and emotions are linked to allergies
    • how GMO foods are linked to allergies
  3. The role of diet in connection to allergies. (6:15)

    • the Candida connection
    • the sugar connection
  4. When do allergies surface: being born with allergies versus getting them at some point in life. (8:50)

    • baby allergies and the connection to miasms
    • why allergies show up later in life
    • chemical and emotional toxic connections
    • the mind-body connection to allergies
  5. How allergies can be detected or tested in a holistic manner. (13:20)

    • the role of kinetic muscle testing
    • the role of body polarity
  6. Possible treatment of allergies. (17:20)

    • the role and effects of pharmaceuticals
    • BIE holistic treatment
  7. Based on David’s mission: “to educate and empower his clients to remember their natural, innate ability to heal themselves” he shares about his holistic healing method to treat allergies. (18:56)

    • the role of frequency and vibration in holistic healing
    • the role of light and sound in holistic healing
    • how the body can be taught to be re-balanced
  8. The mind-body connection and patterns of mind, emotions or behaviours that make some of us more prone to allergies. (23:50)

    • the role of emotions in allergy manifestation and treatment
    • the root cause of allergies for those “allergic to everything”
    • role of repression and suppression in allergy manifestation and healing
  9. Tips and advice to prevent allergies and/or deal with healing our allergies. (30:16)

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