In this episode of Healthytarian Living host Evita Ochel speaks with special guest Howard Jacobson.

Howard is an online marketing consultant, health educator, and ecological gardener. His academic path includes a Masters of Public Health and Doctor of Health Studies degrees from Temple University. Howard cofounded, an online marketing agency, and is a coauthor of Google AdWords for Dummies and coauthor of Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition.

Specific Topics Covered in the Video Include:

  1. A premise and summary of the new book “Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition” (1:53)

    • the problems and solutions related to nutrition
    • the reductionism approach to science and nutrition
    • the money and profit driven approach to health and science
  2. Howard shares his personal journey of health transformation and how he came to co-author the book “Whole” with Dr. Colin Campbell. (5:25)

  3. An explanation of the validity of scientific studies. (11:00 )

    • how to understand science and how it is presented to us
    • how to avoid being at the mercy of every new finding
    • the misleading, disempowering and deliberate intentions of scientific studies
  4. An explanation of reductionist vs. wholist science. (15:48)

    • the importance of asking the big questions in science
    • how to use the details to provide a view of the bigger picture
    • an example of the difference in activity and nutrition composition of whole vs. isolated food compounds
    • the market and profit benefits of the reductionist approach
  5. How whole nutrients and foods are in no way equivalent to isolated nutrients in foods or supplements. (22:00)

    • vitamin E and heart disease connection example
    • beta carotene and cancer connection example
  6. Why individuals and society are so threatened by a whole foods, plant based diet approach to health, healing and prevention. (26:40)

    • the personal responsibility vs. powerlessness choice of individuals
    • the addiction to the SAD diet
    • societal and political profits from unhealthy eating
  7. An explanation of how our donations to disease organizations may not be the best or most effective use of our resources. (32:05 )

    • the societal pressures to conform to donations for the wars on various disease
  8. Exploring more of the benefits and potential of the whole food, plant based diet. (36:12)

    • individual examples of health and vitality
    • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s heart disease reversal with WHPB diet
  9. Exploring the perceived challenge of changing dietary habits. (40:10)

    • an example of how anyone can change their food options given the right motivation
  10. The role of personal responsibility and Howard’s tips for moving forward with positive action to be accountable for personal health. (42:30)

    • how to leverage the system to change the system

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