On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel features Victoria Boutenko sharing about the power of greens and green smoothies, especially as it relates to optimizing children’s nutrition.

Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world and is the author of numerous books including: 12 Steps to Raw Foods, Green For Life, and Green Smoothie Revolution, as well as several kids books including her newest release: Green Smoothie Magic. You can find her research and articles on the Green Smoothies Blog.

  1. Victoria’s Personal Experience with her and her family’s nutrition and health journey (2:00)

    • how Victoria and her family cured themselves of various, incurable illnesses
    • Victoria’s family pitfalls of a raw food diet
    • the importance of adding in green leaves
    • Victoria’s invention of green smoothies
    • Victoria’s discovery of multiple factors that determine optimal health
    • how children’s health today suffers the most
    • the pitfalls of forcing kids to eat vegetables without explaining why
    • Victoria’s experience with her grandchildren
    • why Victoria started writing her own books for children about food and nutrition
    • Victoria shares about some of her books for kids
  2. What parents can do to get their kids to eat healthy. (12:50)

    • the importance of getting children involved in the kitchen
    • the importance of involving children in the gardening process
    • the lack of quality resources to teach children about their food and healthy eating
  3. The most common challenge that parents face in feeding their kids. (14:55)

    • parents feel like they have to force their kids to eat healthy
    • the importance of talking with kids about nutrition
    • the importance of explaining to kids food ideas like how food processing works
    • the importance of explaining to kids why unhealthy food exists
  4. How to handle what the school education system teaches our kids about nutrition. (18:10)

    • the importance of parents taking responsibility
    • the power of getting kids involved in the making of their lunch
    • ideas for healthy lunch incorporation
    • making the kids with the healthy lunches be the example and inspiration for other kids
  5. How parents can handle infections like the cold and flu in the most empowered ways for their children. (22:45)

    • tapping into our body’s natural healing ability
    • teaching kids how to work for, not against their body
  6. Tips for parents to incorporate green smoothies into their kids’ diet. (26:55)

    • why green smoothies are so powerful
    • the unique properties of chlorophyll
    • the calcium and magnesium challenges
    • how to make children start to drink green smoothies
  7. Victoria’s top resource recommendations for parents to learn about greens and green smoothies. (33:30)

Books By Victoria Boutenko