Healthytarian Living presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Burke Lennihan sharing about natural and homeopathic ways to prevent and effectively treat a cold or flu infection. Burke is a registered nurse, a certified classical homeopath, and the author of several books on natural health and healing.

Video Content

  • how to prevent the cold or flu (specific remedy examples shared)
  • the dangers of the flu vaccine, especially for pregnant women, or children
  • specific safe, and effective homeopathic remedies for the flu
  • specific safe, and effective homeopathic remedies for symptoms of the cold or flu, like:
    • fevers
    • body aches
    • sore throats
    • coughs
    • mucus, stuffy, or runny nose
    • post nasal drip
  • how to boost our system post-infection
  • where to get the remedies mentioned and how to use them
  • herbal and other natural options for cold and flu symptoms
  • why it is not a good idea to fight a fever in most cases
  • why children are prone to ear infections
  • how to deal with ear infections naturally
  • what the is the most natural, safe and balanced way to approach bringing our body back into balance if a cold or flu strike
  • plus lots of other tips and advice in treating adults and children most naturally, effectively and in balance with our body’s innate healing mechanism

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