Healthytarian Living with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Dr. Larry Malerba, in a dialogue about holistic health and his book Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care.

Dr. Larry Malerba is a holistic physician, author, and educator. He is the leading proponent of a green revolution in the study of health and the practice of healing, and is the author of Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care.

Topics covered in the video interview include:

  • What is an osteopathic doctor
  • What is homeopathy
  • What is Green Medicine
  • How Green Medicine benefits the patient
  • Medical biases
  • The effects of indoctrination of the patient through fear and compliance to get people to conform to the current system
  • The monopoly of pharmaceutical and insurance companies
  • Understanding the science and scientific studies of the medical industry
  • Taking into account the bigger picture of health and medicine
  • The interconnection of science and spirituality with respect to the medical field
  • The importance of unifying the body as a whole, and unifying it with the mind, heart, and spirit
  • The materialistic perspective of conventional medicine versus an energetic perspective of holistic medicine
  • How energetic imbalances manifest in physical ways
  • How to understand symptoms and work with them
  • Understanding the mind-body connection
  • The inheritance of energetic problems and their physical implications
  • The downside of medicine ignoring experience
  • Understanding the energetic and experiential connection
  • Understanding the body’s natural healing ability
  • The connection between imbalances in our vital life force and symptoms
  • Practical approach for chronic disease prevention and healing
  • Practical tips and advice for parents on how to deal with their children’s health
  • Future trends for Green Medicine

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