On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel is joined by guest Bruce Lourie to discuss detoxification.

Bruce Lourie is President of the Ivey Foundation, a Director of the Ontario Power Authority, and a Director of the San Francisco-based Consultative Group on Biological Diversity. He is one of Canada’s leading environmental thinkers, and along with Rick Smith he co-authored the 2009 book Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health which became an International bestseller, and together they co-authored the 2014 book Toxin Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World.

Evita’s review of “Toxin Toxout”

Evita’s review of “Slow Death by Rubber Duck”

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. Bruce shares his journey and how it led him to take a serious interest in toxins and chemicals in our world. (1:32)

  2. What key everyday toxins we should be avoiding. (5:06)

    • toxins in our food
    • toxins in our personal care
    • toxins in our cars and homes
  3. How to understand the body’s detoxification methods and how to detoxify most effectively. (13:00)

    • the role of water
    • the downside of isolated detox regimes
    • the role of fat in our diet and body
  4. Examples of some least effective and most effective detox methods. (18:27)

  5. Final tips about reducing and removing toxins from our bodies. (21:45)

  6. Future plans for going forward with this work. (24:20)

    • resources for healthy, non-toxic living

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