This free video tutorial is an episode of Conscious Connection with Evita Ochel and addresses the topic of vaccines from the perspective of how to make informed choices amidst the fear and confusion today.

Specific topics covered in the video include:


Part 1: Societal Challenges (2:27)

  • Evita shares the 3 main challenges that make vaccines a controversial topic and should be considered in order to make informed choices.

Part 2: Analyze the Expert’s Background (5:47)

  • What should be considered before we listen to someone, take or share their information.

Part 3: Understanding Health & Disease (11:12)

  • Evita shares the 4 layers of health and disease, which shed light into our understanding of why and how disease develops.

Part 4: The Vaccine Decision-Making Process (18:02)

  • Evita shares a flow-chart that presents the 3 core questions that we should start with and the associated branches that follow from each, that need to be addressed to make informed choices about vaccines.

Part 5: Concluding Tips (24:46)

  • Final thoughts and considerations.

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