Grocery stores today are filled with numerous processed and refined packaged foods. But what is hiding in the midst of all those numbers and ingredients? Step by step, this course from nutrition expert Evita Ochel teaches you how to be a smart, savvy, empowered, and discerning consumer.

Get to Know Your Food provides guidelines and practical tips to help you know how to decipher front package claims, nutrition facts labels, and ingredient lists to make the smartest food choices for your health and weight.

Course Objective:

The objective of the course is to teach you about modern food and help you make the healthiest choices no matter where you are on your journey with nutrition. Whether you have a diet full of processed and packaged foods or rarely depend on these foods, this course will help you understand how to make the best choices, amidst what is available to you.

Course Content:

  • 12 lessons
  • over 2 hours of educational video content
  • 43 quick, interactive exercises to help you practice what you learn
  • Each lesson includes resource materials to help you integrate and put into practice what you learn in each section, including beautiful summary handouts and worksheets
  • downloadable resource material that can be printed, to be a practical tool that can be used at your convenience

Lesson Breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Modern Nutrition
  • Lesson 2: Deciphering Front Package Claims
  • Lesson 3: The Basics of Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Lesson 4: Fat on Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Lesson 5: Cholesterol & Sodium on Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Lesson 6: Carbohydrates on Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Lesson 7: Protein on Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Lesson 8: Vitamins & Minerals on Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Lesson 9: Understanding Ingredient Lists
  • Lesson 10: Considering Special Ingredients
  • Lesson 11: Practice Examining Food Labels
  • Lesson 12: How & What to Eat for Optimal Health

Course Benefits:

  • you will learn how to decipher front package claims and their role in the quality of the food you may be choosing to eat
  • you will learn how to read and understand all parts of the nutrition facts label
  • you will learn how to make sense of ingredient lists and their role in the quality of the food you may be choosing to eat
  • you will learn lots of practical tips to optimize your eating and nutrition for optimal wellbeing

When & Where

This online video course is available for you to take any time, and at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or even while you travel. Students have lifetime access to the course, to review and repeat anytime they like.

The video course is available through the international education platform and you can gain access to the course by registering using the button below.

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Course Reviews

Dear Evita, I just took your course and I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge on eating well. You have really opened my eyes and I appreciate your outstanding presentation of the course. I would definitely like to continue to learn more on what I must do to get the best out of the foods we have. My best to you, another happy student, Michael.

Michael K. Marinas - November 12, 2020