How do I become a Healthytarian?

You become a healthytarian by making lifestyle changes in your personal life to reflect the guidelines that healthytarian promotes. The term is simply used to describe a certain way of living, thinking and eating. There is no club to join, no test to pass, and no fee to pay. If you feel the guidelines shared on this site resonate with you, your way of thinking and interacting with yourself, others, and our planet, then you may wish to use the term healthytarian to describe your lifestyle. Anyone who feels a resonance to the values shared here is free to call or refer to themselves as a healthytarian or someone living the healthytarian lifestyle.

How do I connect with other Healthytarians?

Please visit the connect with healthytarian page, which shares about the different online healthytarian communities. You are also always invited to start your own healthytarian community in your area, or online. (See the next question below for more ideas.)

Can I start my own Healthytarian community?

Absolutely! Whether it is a small local initiative, like a meetup, or a large online group, anyone can create or host their own healthytarian communities. If you resonate with the guidelines of the healthytarian lifestyle you can inspire more people to transform their life in positive ways through optimal nutrition, a heart-centered perspective and mindful approach to life. If you need any help or ideas, or to share about your initiative so that it gets posted on this site too, please contact

Our world is full of so many labels, isn’t Healthytarian just another fad label?

While it is true that many people define themselves by the numerous labels we have in our world today, the whole point of healthytarian is to provide a term that encompasses a new and rapidly growing population of people on our planet that are interested in a deeper, more connected and health conscious way of life in terms of the mind, body and spirit. Its intention is not to give people another label to have their Ego use for personal self definition, or to be limited by, but rather provide a guiding term which can best reflect their lifestyle choices.

Is the Healthytarian lifestyle the perfect way to eat and live?

No. The whole premise of choosing to follow a healthytarian lifestyle is knowing that we are constantly evolving beings, and everyone is at their own stage of personal and spiritual evolution. There is no one lifestyle, or one diet that is the “right” choice, or fit for each person’s needs. We need to be mindful of our personal needs throughout our life as we continue to evolve, and respect the choices of others on each of their personal journeys. To label something as perfect, is to limit its infinite potential and continued evolution.

Does a Healthytarian lifestyle include living by strict rules and regulations?

No. Anyone who feels that the healthytarian lifestyle represents their way of life is responsible for themselves in terms of how they choose to exercise their free will at any given time with respect to the choices they make. Although there are guidelines provided for what a healthytarian lifestyle encompasses, it is up to each individual in terms of how they will best put those guidelines to use, to benefit the health of their mind, body and spirit.

I see the terms “spirit” and “spiritual” mentioned in reference to the Healthytarian lifestyle. Does it have any religious basis?

No. The healthytarian lifestyle has no ties whatsoever to any man-made religion, religious belief system, or religious organization. The references to “spirit” and “spiritual” are simply used to indicate that we recognize that there is something bigger, beyond the current physical form and reality. A healthytarian recognizes that we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience. Finally, nourishing the mind and body, without acknowledging the needs of the soul and/or spirit is to leave out a major aspect of our multidimensional nature.

Is the Healthytarian lifestyle backed by science?

The healthytarian lifestyle is first and foremost backed by each individual’s inherent knowing as they progress in their personal and spiritual evolution, of what is best for them at any given time, and what makes most sense for life on our planet today. As for science, that depends on what science you are referring to. Most of what is called science today is nothing more than corporately driven, biased pseudo-science and misrepresented studies, or outdated information. The healthytarian lifestyle has a foundation based on the most leading edge science, like quantum physics, epigenetics, energy and integrative medicine and other similar disciplines, as well as ancient wisdom and the laws of nature. For example, the information about eating plant-based and living foods is both supported today by a wide variety of health experts and organizations, based on sound science about the human body and nutrition. As well, it has been adopted and promoted throughout the ages by various cultures, as being highly beneficial for optimal living.

Is the Healthytarian lifestyle just another name for Vegan or Vegetarian?

No. The healthytarian lifestyle encompasses much more, and is much broader than the terms vegan or vegetarian. While those terms focus mainly on not eating or using animal products, healthytarian focuses on the holistic basis of our entire existence and takes into account healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit. A vegan or vegetarian can easily eat a diet of processed plant foods, paying no attention to the quality of their thoughts, words or actions in daily life, where as a healthytarian takes into account each of those aspects and more.

Does a Healthytarian consume any meat and/or seafood?

Generally very little, if any. While there are no restrictive guidelines, and each healthytarian governs their own personal evolution, the common element is that a healthytarian has little interest in consuming the flesh of any other being. Knowing the power of the mind and listening to one’s heart, while being aware of most up to date nutrition science, a healthytarian knows that there is no need to participate (directly or indirectly) in the inhumane treatment and killing of animals today for human consumption.

Does a Healthytarian consume any dairy?

Generally very little, if any. As mentioned above, no restrictive guidelines exist, but a healthytarian is normally aware of the health hazards of modern pasteurized and processed dairy, thus having little, if any, interest in these products. Equally so, a healthytarian recognizes that milk, especially milk of another species, is in no way essential or even conducive to our health past our weaning stage.

Does a Healthytarian consume any grain products?

Yes, but not just any grain products. If you refer to the Smart Eating page, the nutrition guidelines for healthytarian living have their foundation in the most natural, wholesome and unprocessed nutrition. Common grain products today like bread, bagels, cereals, pastas, cookies, cakes, dough and similar flour products are all very processed foods, not to mention heavily acid-forming, nutrient poor and a type of “dead food” having been subjected to various high temperatures. The healthytarian lifestyle includes the consumption of small amounts of grains with top choices being real, whole grains in their sprouted or lightly cooked form. Examples include brown rice, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, teff, kamut, and amaranth.

Does a Healthytarian consume any gluten?

This all depends on the personal needs of each individual, as some people must avoid all, or most, gluten for optimal functioning. Generally speaking, a healthytarian lifestyle minimizes the use of gluten even when it is not necessary to do so, and may entirely avoid wheat products due to the various modern modifications and hybridization techniques that wheat has undergone to make it a major world commodity food crop.

Does a Healthytarian consume any sugar?

That depends on what sugar you are referring to. The term sugar is used to signify many food products or compounds today. It can refer to anything from the refined, common white crystals to the glucose molecule in our bloodstream. As per the Smart Eating guidelines, a healthytarian does not generally consume any refined or processed food, this includes all refined sugars like white sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, regular corn syrup, most commercial honey and artificial sweeteners. Most, if not all, sugar consumed comes from natural, whole food options like fresh fruits, or dried fruits like dates.

Does a Healthytarian consume any coffee?

Generally very little, if any. The healthytarian lifestyle does not support the consumption of any addictive, harmful, mind or energy altering substances. If any coffee is chosen to be consumed by those adopting a healthytarian lifestyle, it is typically of the purest and high quality kind to maximize the benefits of the coffee bean, and used as an infrequent treat for those who enjoy it. A healthytarian would typically have no need to consume coffee on a regular basis in an effort to improve energy levels, as their diet choices, thought patterns and lifestyle habits support and promote optimal energy levels naturally.

Does a Healthytarian consume any alcohol?

Generally very little, if any. As mentioned above, the healthytarian lifestyle does not include the consumption of any addictive, harmful, mind or energy altering substances. The healthytarian recognizes that for optimal clarity of the mind, conscious awareness, personal accountability, potential and mental functioning no substances that interfere with these are conducive to one’s health and well-being.