Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode explains what stress management is and how it works to help our health and wellbeing.

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Video Transcript

Stress is a daily part of our life and is not necessarily a negative thing. It all depends on how we perceive and manage our stress.

Stress management is all about taking charge of our thoughts, emotions, actions and lifestyle. Although the type or amount of stress in our lives may be unpredictable, we have more control over our stress than we often realize. It all starts with choosing to help ourselves. When we do this, we shift away from a helpless-hopeless approach and take an empowered approach to life.

Stress management helps us deal with what causes us stress in effective ways to prevent them from overwhelming us. It teaches you healthier ways of coping with stress, like how to change the situation when you can or change your reaction to it when you can’t. It teaches you how to rest, relax, take care of yourself and differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy state of being.

Stress management does this by offering tools and techniques, and stress reducing exercises, such as deep breathing, meditation, writing in a journal and spending time in nature to help you release physical, mental and emotional tension. By paying attention to how stress impacts you and your life, and taking steps along the way to relieve stress, you increase your wellbeing potential and decrease your risk of disease and burnout.

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