Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode shares tips for how to make smart choices when dining out that will support healthy weight and weight loss.

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Video transcript:

When dining out there are many smart choices you can make to help you lose weight and feel great. Here are a few tips to support your wellbeing:

Order less food or smaller portions. Many restaurants will accommodate half-portion requests, or you can always eat half your meal and save the rest for another time.

Choose menu items that are based on plant foods, especially vegetables, beans, and whole grains. For example a salad, soup, chili, veggie wrap, bean burrito or bean burger can make great choices.

Swap out any creamy or oily sauces and dressings for lemon or lime juice, or balsamic vinegar.

Avoid menu items that are fried or greasy.

Skip the bread basket. It adds extra calories and if it’s not whole grain, poor nutritional value.

If ordering any appetizers or sides, focus on vegetable-based ones.

Don’t drink your calories. Have water or tea with your meal, as opposed to soda, juice or alcohol.

If you’d like to order dessert, take it “to go”, to have at another time. Overfilling with too many foods and calories at once will only cause more fat to be stored.

Ultimately, engage in mindful eating to help you choose a healthy dish and not overeat.

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