Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode explores stressors and common causes of stress.

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Video transcript

The experience of stress is triggered by stressors, which come from external or internal stimuli, and create a sense of mental or physical discomfort within you. While there are many specific stressors, which we collectively recognize as unpleasant, negative or destructive, most of our stress is influenced by our beliefs and perceptions about various stimuli. Being able to identify your personal stressors, can help you avoid, minimize or overcome your stress in effective ways.

Stressors can be:

  • physical, such as overeating, lack of sleep or strenuous exercise
  • chemical, such as alcohol, pesticides or artificial fragrance
  • biological, such as an injury, disease or hormonal imbalance
  • social, such as overcrowding, public speaking or peer pressure
  • environmental, such as uncomfortable temperatures, bright lights, or loud noises
  • circumstantial, such as a death, divorce or job loss
  • psychological, such as fear, anger or guilt

Minimizing your stressors and learning how to effectively deal with your stressors are both essential to helping you achieve a better state of health and wellbeing.

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