Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode explains how to understand different carbohydrates and reduce unhealthy foods that provide refined carbohydrates.

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Video transcript:

Carbohydrates are a group of nutrients that are beneficial for the human body, as they provide it with an ideal source of energy and fiber, but only when they come from real, whole foods. This predominantly means fruits, vegetables, beans and real grains. Refined or processed carbohydrates wreak havoc on our health, weight, energy and inflammation levels.

To reduce or remove refined or processed carbohydrates from your diet, implement the following tips:

  • Center meals around vegetables, as opposed to bread or pasta products.

  • Swap white flour products for their whole grain counterparts.

  • Swap flour-based foods for real grain foods. For example, choose brown rice instead of rice pasta.

  • When dining out, say ‘no’ to the bread basket, or similar refined carbs, like chips.

  • Choose salads and soups over subs and sandwiches.

  • If eating any kind of burger, swap the bun for a bed of greens or salad instead.

  • Choose soups based on vegetables and beans, instead of any kind of noodles.

  • Replace boxed cereals with real grain options, like oats, buckwheat or quinoa.

  • Replace snacks like cookies, crackers, donuts or granola bars, with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds, or homemade goodies made of them.

  • Pass, on desserts made of sugars and flours. Choose fresh fruits instead, as snacks in between meals.

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks like beer, coolers and mixed drinks, which are a major source of empty-carb calories.

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