Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode shares tips to help you choose healthier fast food meal options.

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Video Transcript:

Many fast food restaurants are offering more nutritious options. However, fast food can still be a tricky area to navigate, as a lot of it is high in calories, sugar, salt and fat, while being low in nutritional value. A great deal of fast food preparation relies on heavy oil use, poor food quality and nutritionally destructive preparation methods. All of this is stressful for your body and leads to health and weight problems, and poor energy for you.

If you choose fast food for any of your meals, the good news is that there are ways that you can make healthier choices.

  • Choose fast food restaurants that focus more on wholesome, fresh and higher quality meals.

  • Choose menu items that are based on plant foods, especially vegetables, beans, and whole grains. For example, a salad, soup, chili, veggie wrap, bean burrito or bean burger can make great choices.

  • Build your own meal, as opposed to ordering pre-made combos, which often come with empty calorie foods, like soda or other drinks, chips or cookies.

  • Order smaller portions and skip any up-sizing offers.

  • Opt for water with your meal, as opposed to any liquid calories.

  • Choose baked potatoes, instead of french fries.

  • If you eat meat or seafood, choose fresh options instead of processed or fried ones.

  • Skip the condiments, like added oils, sauces or dressings.

And finally, engage in mindful eating to help you choose a healthier meal and not overeat.

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