Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode shares tips to help you break bad eating habits and create good ones.

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Video Transcript:

One of the most effective ways to break unhealthy eating habits is via mindfulness, whether this be by engaging in mindful eating or making mindful choices when at the grocery store, kitchen, restaurants or work. Mindfulness allows you to pause between your triggers and your actions to consider the choice and outcome, and often this is enough to break unhealthy habits and form new, healthy habits by making better choices.

Another effective method for breaking unhealthy eating habits is controlling your food environment. This includes not bringing home junk foods or unhealthy foods, bringing your own snacks and lunch to work, and minimizing your exposure to fast food or convenience food.

The right education and support can also do wonders to get us to switch from negatively destructive to positively constructive habits. For example, if sugar is your weakness, invest some time in reading or watching content about its effects and engage family or friends to support your efforts.

Finally, getting to know your stressors, or what causes you stress, and the cues that trigger unhealthy eating habits is also essential to get to the root of the problem and remove or deal with the stressors effectively.

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