Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel ( This episode explains what is mindful eating and its benefits for our health, weight and wellbeing.

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Video Transcript:

One of the most powerful and effective methods for making healthy eating a reality, so that you are eating the right foods, at the right times, and in the right portions is mindful eating. Many of us struggle with poor food choices and overeating due to conditioned habits that drive us as if we were on auto-pilot. Mindful eating, however, creates an opportunity to switch us from an unconscious, distracted and habitual state to a conscious, present and deliberate one. This helps you make better choices and succeed with your health and weight goals as it:

  • helps you choose the right foods at the grocery store, at a restaurant or in your kitchen. Foods that are nourishing and healthy, not nutritionally-depleted or stressful to your body.

  • helps you eat the right portions and at the right times. You eat when you are actually hungry and avoid emotional or stress eating.

  • helps you be aware of your food as you are eating it, which improves your digestion and makes you even more aware of how much you should eat not to overfill, and what the qualities of the food are.

And finally it,

  • helps you focus on your body and how it feels after the meal; whether the specific foods you chose had a positive or negative effect on your energy and overall state of being, to make smart food choices in the future.

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