Healthytarian Minutes with holistic teacher Evita Ochel. This episode shares 6 tips for enjoying any holidays or special occasions without gaining weight, which is a cause of physical and psychological stress.

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Video Transcript:

Holidays and special events offer us many opportunities to enjoy some fun, happy and beautiful experiences. Unfortunately, we often end up feeling stressed after such happy events because we gain some weight. The good news is there are easy ways to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight.

Here are 6 tips to help you enjoy special times without sacrificing your weight:

  1. Be responsible for your own food and drink choices, as much as possible. If you know you will be at a place that will make it hard for you to make healthy choices, bring your own dish or two, or simply eat before you go.

  2. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured or bullied into eating or drinking something you don’t want, or consuming more than feels right for you. There is nothing rude about politely saying “no thank you” and sticking to it.

  3. Swap processed or convenience dishes for their homemade versions, and swap out refined ingredients for their whole food versions in homemade recipes.

  4. Limit your intake of foods that are high in sugar or fat, and focus on foods or dishes that are based on whole plant foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

  5. Avoid alcohol or limit your intake. Alcohol is high in calories and creates stress for the body.

  6. Ultimately, be mindful of what you are eating and how much you are eating.

Although the holidays bring out many “treats”, it is no treat to overeat and cause stress and harm to your body.

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