How to Eat Whole-Food, Plant-Based is a course designed and delivered by Evita Ochel to help you know how to put the most powerful nutritional regimen to work for you. Whether you want to lose weight naturally, gain energy, improve your immune system, heal or prevent chronic diseases, you will learn how to create an optimally healthy nutritional foundation for life. You will discover which specific foods to eat and why, and how to incorporate them into a variety of healthy, quick, easy, and delicious meals. You will gain an abundance of practical tips and meal ideas that suit any lifestyle and help optimize meal preparation.

Course Objective:

The objective of the course is to teach you why a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle is the optimal way to nourish your body, and how to apply it on a practical level in your life, as part of your meals at home and outside of the home.

Course Content:

  • 34 lessons
  • nearly 4 hours of educational video content
  • quizzes to help you practice what you learn
  • over 65 recipes
  • each lesson includes resource materials to help you integrate and put into practice what you learn in each section, including beautiful summary handouts and worksheets
  • downloadable resource material that can be printed, to be a practical tool that can be used at your convenience

Lesson Breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: About Whole-Food, Plant-Based Eating
  • Lesson 2: How to Stock a Healthy Kitchen
  • Lesson 3: Health Benefits and Uses of Vegetables
  • Lesson 4: Health Benefits and Uses of Fruits
  • Lesson 5: Health Benefits and Uses of Nuts
  • Lesson 6: Health Benefits and Uses of Seeds
  • Lesson 7: Health Benefits and Uses of Beans
  • Lesson 8: Health Benefits and Uses of Grains
  • Lesson 9: Benefits and Use of Herbs & Spices
  • Lesson 10: Health Benefits of Specialty Foods
  • Lesson 11: Preparing Whole-Food, Plant-Based Meals
  • Lesson 12: Whole-Food, Plant-Based Meal Ideas
  • Lesson 13: Healthy Eating Beyond the Kitchen
  • Lesson 14: Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet Tips
  • BONUS section of 20 mini-lessons that cover everything from protein and fat needs, to optimal eating tips and ideas

Course Benefits:

  • you will learn why the whole-food, plant-based approach is the most powerful and sustainable for our health, healing, and prevention of acute and chronic diseases
  • you will learn why the whole-food, plant-based approach is superior for optimal weight maintenance, or weight loss
  • you will learn how to take steps and make the whole-food, plant-based approach work for you
  • you will learn lots of practical tips to optimize the whole-food, plant-based way of eating in the grocery home, kitchen, at restaurants, and on holidays


This is an online, on-demand video course that is available for you to take anytime, and at your own pace. Students have lifetime access to the course, to review and repeat anytime they like.


You can take the course via one of two, leading education platforms:

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Testimonials from Students

I gave you 5 out of 5 stars, but I’d give you 10 if I could because your course is so excellent! I’ve wanted to improve my diet but for so many years I kept getting discouraged because I found no systematic approach to this complicated activity called eating. I didn’t feel that I would benefit much from a haphazard, random approach. Now, with your course, I have a comprehensive approach to healthy eating and I’m so grateful to you for making this possible. Your course is changing my life for the better - I am so grateful to you! Thank you Evita!”

Ken H.

Dear Evita, I can’t thank you enough for this course! It is so incredible, clear, objective and so complete! I learned so much with it! I became a vegan recently because I felt I had to. But I wanted to know how and learn about all the foods so that I could become a healthy vegan. And this was possible with your course. I keep doing research about veganism and the wonderful foods that are beneficial for us, but always having your course as a reference and base! :) Thank you so much! Many kind regards to you. Mary :)

Mary C.

This course earns more than 5 stars. The knowledge is conveyed in a very natural way, it is fun to listen to the lecturer and the extra material goes beyond any frame. From my point of view, there is no room for improvement. It was really fun and I will gladly look into the tips for refreshing from time to time. And the recipes are great, very easy to cook and super tasty.

Heike S.

This course is very good. There is so much conflicting information about what we should be eating/not eating. The information presented here helps to clarify that issue, as well as providing many examples of healthy meals and how to prepare them.

Brenda P.

Fantastic course that educates and illuminates one about the most important topic of life, which is right nutrition.

Rafi D.

I really liked this course as it was very informative specifically regarding the beans and grains section. I am a vegan and wanted to find a course that covered the optimum way to eat and provide all nutrients.

Kelly G.

This course was awesome, a lot of new things learned, and is very well presented, to the point.

Richard M.