This is an episode from the March 2015 Heal Thyself summit with host Mia Saenz featuring an interview with Evita Ochel.

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. What Evita teaches and why. (0:36)

  2. How and why a strong emphasis on nutrition was developed. (2:24)

  3. Guidance about fad diets, and what the best diet is. (6:28)

  4. Guidance about the blood type diet. (10:25)

  5. What we don’t know or realize about our food. (14:32)

    • nutrient-density
    • portions and amount of food
    • drinking with meals
  6. Why we crave things, especially ones not good for us. (19:12)

    • the holistic component of cravings
  7. What the most optimal way to nurture our intestinal health is. (24:36)

    • probiotics and dietary considerations
  8. Concluding words of inspiration for healthy eating. (30:50)

Please note: The free pass mentioned in the video to Evita’s course was only available to event participants. However, here is a discount code for Evita’s 5 Pillars of Optimal Health course.

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