This is a video episode of Paint Yourself Into the Picture with host Reba Linker and featured guest Evita Ochel. Topics revolve around proper human nourishment, as opposed to healthy eating, which means many different things to different people, and has lost its effectiveness and credibility to properly eating for optimal health.

Interview Topics

  1. How did the journey into teaching nutrition start? (1:15)

    • how we fail to give our cells what they really need
    • the difference between thriving and surviving
  2. What really is healthy eating? (5:18)

  3. How to know how to feed yourself, if you don’t have a background in nutrition? (9:20)

  4. How to trust the body to know what is right for us to eat? (13:00)

    • exercise for how to know what is optimal nourishment for human beings
  5. Is vegetarianism the way to go? (18:13)

    • what if we don’t handle sweetness of fruits well
  6. Do different people require different diets? (24:15)

    • how individualized should our eating be?
    • foods and emotions, and our attachments
  7. About the the November 7, 2017: Food As Medicine Workshop with Evita Ochel. (29:20)